Monday, 2 November 2009

Is there a cellar in the House of Commons?

Is there a cellar in the House of Commons? If so, does it have a huge lock and key? If so, why can we not lock all the politicians inside, and sound-proof the building so we cannot hear them mouthing their platitudes?

Would any normal person behave with the stupidity of a politician?

Alan Johnson, our mentally retarded Home Secretary, has sacked Professor David Nutt, his Chief Drug Adviser, because Professor Nutt reproved the Home Secretary for “devaluing and distorting” scientific evidence on cannabis in order to justify reclassifying cannabis as Class B, not a Class C, drug – in other words to make out cannabis was more dangerous than the science indicates, for political purposes.

Why do we tolerate scientific illiteracy in our so-called leaders?

Surely, by now we should all be realising that what we need is more science, good science, careful science, and what we need to do is to learn about science so that we can enter the debates with knowledge and concern. Because we can be very sure it won;t be politicians who get us out of the mess we're in. Our only hope is the scientists.

More science: less politics.

Let’s all call for Alan Johnson to retire from politics, and return to working for Royal Mail, where he may well have done a good job.

Politicians, stop messing things up.

No to Tory; No to Labour; No, no, no, to political parties.

Would you race horses shut in cages? Would you play football with your ankles chained together? Would you watch movies blindfold?

Political parties order their members to stop thinking, and follow instructions from the party leadership, while the party leadership only thinks about how to be elected, or re-elected.

What are the serious things wrong with Britain (and the rest of the industrial world)? We are fighting wars we cannot win with no clear idea of why we are doing so. We have a transport policy which could only have been dreamt up by the gibbering insane, and which is going soon to overheat Planet Earth so that the only habitation fit for a human being will be at the North and South Pole. We are locked into a criminally insane financial system. We are encouraged by our purbling so-called leaders into ignoring the scientists and engineers who are the only people who can possibly get us out of this shit. Etc, etc, etc.

And the politicians cannot start to think about what we ought to do, because they have one concern and one concern only – to be re-elected.

I’ve been reading comments on Facebook by people who refuse to vote for Tories or Labour. Are we moving towards a General Election with a turn-out of 0%?

No to Tory; No to Labour; No, no, no, to political parties.