Monday, 28 June 2010

Clever, clever, little David Cameron!.

David Cameron announces that British troops will pull out of Afghanistan in 2015, before the General Election.

The many, many, British citizens who want our troops to leave Afghanistan now, may be tempted to say “At least that’s something.”

No it is not. It is clever politicking.

5 years more. We’ve been there already for 9 years. Cameron is happily countenancing a war of 14 years. For what? No one is yet able to explain what the British people can gain from this war. All it achieves is to allow British ministers to strut the world stage as though Britain was a “Great Power”.

How many more British soldiers will die to boost Cameron’s ego? How many more Afghan civilians?

And the politicking. Cameron will order British troops home just before the 2015 General Election, taking credit for brining them home, rather than admitting his disastrous decision to keep them there.

Do not be deceived. Cameron’ s recent speech indicates very clearly that he does not care about the deaths of British soldiers or Afghan civilians. All he cares about is the possibility of using this dreadful war to secure re-election for himself in 2015.

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